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I feel like this tells a story


Song writing credits for Ocean Eyes (2009)

Song writing credits for All Things Bright and Beautiful (2011)


Et au fin…songwriting credits for Ultraviolet (2014) :-)

Breanne Duren ft. Adam, leaning on the microphone stand

Breanne Duren ft. Adam, leaning on the microphone stand


I like playing in Japan. I’m coming back to Japan in a few weeks. See you there 🇯🇵

He reposted my video asdfghjkl Adurm you little sneaky

Track Title: Adam Young explaining his new song "You're not alone"


"You rescued me and I believe that God is Love and He is all I need from this day forth to all eternity"

The song was inspired by a news report that I read online about a Sudanese woman who was going to jail for being a Christian. She was sentenced to death by hanging and I remember reading that and thinking ‘how hopeless must that feel?’ I truly have no idea what that would feel like.

Since then she has been rescued and brought back to the States, thankfully, but God used that story in my life to touch my heart and say For those who chose to follow Jesus and honor him wholeheartedly, He’s there with you and, no matter how dark the day may seem, you are not alone and God knows exactly what you’re going through. 

That was really the sentiment of this song I think that something everybody could relate to. Ultimately the message of this song is, despite all odds, there is hope and that hope is Jesus Christ. 


Adam and the stuffed puppy


Owl City 8-bit Master List



Fuzzy Blue Lights: Source / Download

Fireflies: Source / Download

Vanilla Twilight: Source / Download

Hot Air Balloon: Source / Download

Deer In The Headlights: Source / Download

Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust: Source / Download

Alligator Sky: Source / Download

Good Time: Source / Download

When Can I See You Again?: Source / Download

Wonderfilled: Download

Light Of Christmas: Source / Download

Beautiful Times: Source / Download

Halcyon: Source / Download


Don’t lie. When you sing the the non-rap version of ‘Alligator Sky’, you still go “He, He…Owl City” at the appropriate time.


I’ll Meet You There…


I’ll Meet You There…

It gets better.

It gets better.


Kamikaze album art.


Kamikaze album art.